Big Dog Salad is a team of creatives working together to bring exciting new ideas to stage and screen. Based in Darwin, NT. 


Third time in a row baby!

Big Dog Salad presents a Showcase of Short plays.

A smorgasbord of fun, a smattering of excitement and a sprinkle of satire. These plays feature aliens, friendship, libraries, therapy and more!

After a sketch comedy show and a murder-myster narrative, it’s time to switch things up again with a multiple course meal of short theatre works.
“We write stuff all the time,” said Jack, “but don’t get a chance to show it to the public. It makes me physically ill. So I'm glad we are finally doing this for Darwin Fringe 2023.” It’s basically like an extension of the Fresh Ink script-readings but now the actors are off-script.

Also we are in the big theatre this year AAAAA!!! 

This project was made possible by the Australian Governments Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia #regionalartsfund

bds live redux - Adelaide fringe - 2023

Big Dog Salad's tour of Adelaide Fringe has now come to a close...

Thank you to the Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund, the Donor’s Circle and everyone at Adelaide Fringe for supporting our work!

Extra special thanks to Shakti, Lynton, The Garage International, and Crack Kitchen, for hosting us and making us feel welcome! It was the best week!

under the table - DARWIN FRINGE 2022

Big Dog Salad presents UNDER THE TABLE, a new play by Sean Guy.


A hilarious whodunnit full of laughs, intrigue and fun theatre conventions!

After the success of their live sketch show in 2021, BDS returned with a 1-hour murder-mystery narrative that had audiences laughing, cringing and going “Ohhhhhhh...”

Produced by Jack Macmillan, directed by Kostantine Hatzivalsamis, and featuring the amazing local talent of Darwin! 

NOTE: This season has now finished - keep an eye on our YouTube and website for the link to watch the recording! 

Big dog salad live - darwin fringe festival 2021

In 2021, Big Dog Salad went LIVE at Darwin Fringe Festival! 

This one-hour comedy extravaganza full of offbeat comedy was a sell-out success, full of skits about existential pizza guys, similes disguised as metaphors, devastating break-ups with inanimate partners, and a Wimbly-Timbly murder mystery!

Missed it? No problem! Catch the full show here on YouTube: