Showcase of Shorts


Third time in a row baby!

Big Dog Salad presents a Showcase of Short plays.

A smorgasbord of fun, a smattering of excitement and a sprinkle of satire. These plays feature aliens, friendship, therapy and more!

After a sketch comedy show and a murder-mystery narrative, it’s time to switch things up again with a multiple course meal of short theatre works.
It’s basically like an extension of the Fresh Ink script-readings but now the actors are off-script.

Also we were in the big theatre this year AAAAA!!! 

SHOWCASE OF SHORTS included 4 short plays.

HINDSIGHT, Written by Kostadinos Hatzivalsamis
Directed by Michael van Berkel
Starrring Jack Macmillan, Electra Srbinovski and Pip O'Shea

STORY VIBES, Written and Directed by Jack Macmillan
Starring Kostadinos Hatzivalsamis, Tom Lawrie and Caitlin Guy

THERAPY GO-ROUND, Written by Sean Guy
Directed by Pip O'Shea
Starring Sean Guy, Electra Srbinovski and Kostadinos Hatzivalsamis

The Story of Good Town, written by Jack and Kosta
(a Work in Progress)
Starring the Whole Ensemble (feat. Harrison Port as Billy Bob)

Iona Francis did the tech for this show.
Bethany O'Shea did all the poster artwork.

This show won the Super Producer Award at the 2023 Darwin Fringe.

This project was made possible by the Australian Governments Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia. And thanks to Corrugated Iron Youth Arts, Brown's Mart, Darwin Theatre Company and Darwin Fringe.